Heinz Holecek about fit4music

"Mens sana in corpore sano." - "After many years on stage, it requires conscious training to maintain a healthy mind in a healthy body …


Why fit4music?

Being a professional musician can be amazing. But the passionate performer often pays a high price for his perfect sound:

8 out of 10 professional musicians experience pain daily. Over time, thousands of hours at full exertion on the instrument, in almost always abnormal body positions, have their price: It usually starts in College with light soreness and tensions; the pressure to perform and excel in the following years leads often to chronic pains. Once these continuous ailments find their way into your musical expression and performance, it becomes a threat to your career.

fit4music offers the opportunity for lasting change, so that you can express your artistic voice without pain or discomfort, coinciding with a healthy life. Personal coaching sessions allow me to diagnose problems and develop lasting individual solutions that will become part of your everyday life. With fit4music I offer you the necessary support to achieve your personal best through a balanced mix of physical training, stress management and body awareness. An individual fitness program, video analysis and bio-feedback tools complete this highly modular training program.

fit4music gives you the tools to achieve your personal goals with ease.