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Artists about fit4music

Heinz Holecek

Heinz Holecek
© Photo: Werner Redl

"Mens sana in corpore sano." - "After many years on stage, it requires conscious training to maintain a healthy mind in a healthy body that allows me to bring my creative visions to life, despite physical exertion at my older age. The physical and mental training offered to me by fit4music addresses all my needs in excellent ways." (Sept. 2011)

Heinz Holecek, Kammersänger (1938-2012)

Robert Lehrbaumer

Robert Lehrbaumer
© Photo: Julia Cencig

"As a concert guitarist himself, Paul Friesenbichler understands exactly what artists go through on stage. By mastering a multitude of physical and mental techniques himself, he is able to engage with competence and personal touch to the individual needs of body and mind. Who better to confide in and trust as an artist?" 

Robert Lehrbaumer, Conductor, Pianist, Organist

Mag. Heinz Wallisch

Heinz Wallisch
© Photo: Heinz Wallisch

"During college musicians are being trained in many ways to ready them for their career. But often areas concerning the improvement of their motor skills health and vitality are strongly neglected. fit4music perfectly addresses these needs as an valuable offer. It enables young musicians to diagnose their problems and find appropriate solutions." 

Mag. Heinz Wallisch, Conservatory Vienna Privatuniversity